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Take part in our research

Find out more about taking part in the HELIOS-BD project and receive updates as our research progresses

We are currently recruiting participants for the following research studies:

Investigating light sensitivity in bipolar disorder

University of Edinburgh


We are recruiting adults with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and adults without bipolar disorder. Study participants must live in Scotland.

What you will do

You will attend 6 study visits between the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and University of Edinburgh:

  • Baseline visit: 90-minute appointment to answer questions about your day-to-day activities and sleep


  • Part A: Two consecutive overnight stays at the Clinical Research Facility to measure hormone response to a night-time light experiment


  • Part B: Two 2-hour sessions to test colour perception and responses to visual stimuli


  • Part C: Three 40-minute appointments to image your eyes, spread out over an 18 month period

You will be reimbursed for your time and travel expenses if you take part.


Find out more

To find out more, please read the Participant Information Sheet here: HELIOS-BD Participant Information V5 PDF

To take part, send us an email at or call the study team on 07788 512 143

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