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If you have an interest in light, circadian rhythm, lithium or bipolar disorder, please check here for job openings within the Helios-BD team. 


Investigating Lithium and Light Sensitivity

Join an exciting multidisciplinary team working to make significant advances in understanding the mechanism of action of Lithium. 


Newcastle, UK

This position will be based at Northumbria University. The post-doctoral fellow will conduct a comparative analysis of retinal organoids from individuals with bipolar disorder and healthy controls. The goal is to assess the effects of lithium exposure on individual organoids and populations of retinal organoid cells using electrophysiology, light stimulation and pharmacology studies, as well as immunofluorescence analyses and high-resolution microscopy. The aim is to test new hypotheses on the pathophysiology and treatment of bipolar disorder. 


Newcastle, UK

This position will work within a multi-site, multidisciplinary project based at the Northumbria Sleep Research Laboratory, at Northumbria University. The post-doctoral research fellow will assess the acute effect of lithium administration on non-visual responses to light including melatonin suppression, pupillary responses, and EEG and cognitive changes. This will be done using a randomised controlled trial (RCT) in healthy adults and will entail participant recruitment and project planning/management as well as field and laboratory work. The role will involve overnight work in the sleep laboratory in addition to daytime psychological testing and taking and managing biological samples. Full training in all aspects of the study will be provided.  

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